Release Namib GNU/Linux 17.09 released

Discussion in 'Namib Updates' started by frederic2ec, Sep 23, 2017.

By frederic2ec on Sep 23, 2017 at 5:16 AM
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    Hello everybody,
    I am excited to say you that Namib GNU/Linux 17.09 has been released. This new version contain fix, better printing support, ads blocker and a better upgrability. Here the changelog:

    New Background:

    New Namib Package (better upgrability)
    - Namib Wallpaper : Contain all the namib wallpaper of the latest and old version of namib.
    - Namib Config System : Contain all the system config (Theme, lightdm, sudoers, systemdm, xdg, etc...)
    - Namib Base Skel : Contain the default user configuration
    - Namib Keyring : Contain the keyring for package protection and upgrade.
    - Namib mirrorlist : Contain the mirror list of Namib stable repository and the testing repository (comment by default)

    Updated packages :
    - Calamares has been to the latest version (3.1.4)
    - Pamac has been updated to the latest version (6.0.1)

    Fix :
    - Samba share now working!

    New packages and features :
    - All foomatic packages has been installed for better printing support
    - Mozilla Firefox now have Ublock Origin installed by default!

    Grab it on our download page: here

    Thank You,


Discussion in 'Namib Updates' started by frederic2ec, Sep 23, 2017.

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    1. d40
      I understand you are excited. But nowhere I searched did anyone put forth any reason, why one should install another knock-off distro.

      There are about 1000 distros already. Why do we need distro number 1001 ?
    2. diblemule
      Excellent boulot , une installation de Arch Linux sans prise de tête avec une logithèque qui correspond à mes besoins . Bravo pour le travail accompli !
    3. frederic2ec
      Merci, ça fait plaisir à entendre.
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